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5 Reasons Why Your Business Should Send Branded Christmas Gifts

Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Promotional Christmas gifts are the perfect way to show appreciation to customers and clients. Sending promotional products at this time of year can give your company an increase in brand awareness ready for the new year. Here are BH1 Promotions’ 5 reasons why your business should send branded Christmas gifts this December:

1. Great Marketing Opportunity

In the world of e-commerce, investing in thoughtful Christmas gifts for clients is a great opportunity to make your company stand out. Whether you are looking to send promotional products such as branded pens, promotional bags or printed mugs, these tokens of gratitude give recipients a tangible touch point to remember your brand by.

2. Re-connecting With Clients

For clients who only use your goods and services once or twice a year, sending branded Christmas gifts is a great opportunity to re-connect with them. Whilst helping to ensure they remain loyal to your company, sending promotional merchandise over the festive season is a great way to re-open conversation for future business.

3. Saying Thank You

Saying ‘thank you’ is important in both our personal and business lives. Therefore, what could be a better way to express this than sending a branded Christmas gift to your staff, suppliers and clients for their hard work or business?

4. Long Advertising Lifespan

Promotional products have the longest advertising lifespan of all marketing methods. A prime example of this is a branded advent calendar. Whilst making the perfect promotional Christmas gift, this is certain to take prime position on your client’s desk and be seen throughout the Christmas period for optimum brand exposure.

5. Co-Branding Power

BH1 Promotions have a range of promotional products from well-renowned brands, including Parker, Waterman and Jamie Oliver. Sending a corporate Christmas gift using these highly-reputable brands’ products is ideal for showing your business in a good light whilst giving it a sophisticated identity.

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